Although sometimes whacky (in a good way), the staff at GDC is always professional and have been working together as a team for many years. All are cross trained and are experiences at all roles in the dental office. Even Dr Ron is able to answer the phones and navigate the computer system–so don’t be scared if you get his voice (rarely) when calling the office. We try not to let your calls go to the answering system!

Dr. Ronald P. Riebschleger

Dr. Ronald P. Riebschleger A.K.A Dr. Ron is known for his gentle and creative touch–with an attention to detail. He enjoys helping each of his patients improve their health, appearance and self-esteem by creating the smile of their dreams. He also realizes the importance of maintaining the health and function of your teeth, gums and bite. He discusses your dental needs and meshes them with your desires. He never ‘chews’ you out i.e. for not flossing ;-), but will gently point out what is best for you! Dr Ron graduated from University of Notre Dame, and went on to also graduate from the University Of Michigan School Of Dentistry. Along the way, he also studied for one year at the University of Innsbruck, Austria and a brief stint at the University of Japan in an exchange program. Advanced education, life experience and continuing dental study allow him to offer his patients a unique dental experience. A bit of humor and a motto of “Painless is Always Our Goal”. He is a community leader and loves working with the Lions club and the area youth to improve the ‘Rockford way of Life!’

Jenney F

Jenney has been an assistant here forever… over 18 years. She is Dr. Ron’s ‘right hand man’ and very skilled at what she does! You never know what color her hair will be, but she is one awesome dental assistant!

Danielle And Sara

With more than 30 years combined dental hygiene experience, Danielle and Sara will take great (and gentle!) care of you during you dental cleaning.


Newest to our front office staff, Savanaha will likely greet you with a great smile and check you in as you enter the office.


Is our chief IGS (“Information Gathering Specialist”) who will be gathering new patient information needed to create a custom “game plan” for your treatment to get you the smile you have always wanted! She may also do an initial scan, which has replaced the old messy impressions from the old days, and will allow us to study your teeth even when you are not here!